Basic Seminar: Hygiene Promotion in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance

31. – September 1, 2023
  • Berlin


Sustainable water and sanitation is closely linked to appropriate hygiene behaviors. Hand washing with soap, toilet use, menstrual hygiene, water treatment and storage at the household level, and food hygiene all serve to prevent waterborne diseases and maintain healthy lifestyles. Well-planned approaches to health and hygiene promotion can enable individuals and groups to adopt hygiene behaviors optimized to meet individual needs.

Hygiene behavior is a very personal and intimate matter. Behavioral changes are often much more difficult to achieve here than ensuring the supply of water and sanitation infrastructure. Simply washing hands with soap, for example, can reduce diarrheal diseases by almost 50% - diseases that cost the lives of 4,000 children under the age of 5 every day. In order to successfully change hygiene behavior, a great deal of skill, perseverance and culturally sensitive empathy are required in addition to technical and cultural competence.

The 2-day seminar on September 1st and 2nd 2023 will teach various approaches and methods of hygiene promotion and behavior change and demonstrate their importance for preventive health care. The seminar is mainly held in German. Partial presentations and/or contributions may be given in English.

Further info.

  • Prior knowledge of the topic is helpful, but not necessary.
  • The target group for this seminar are employees of non-governmental organizations and interested persons.
  • We will contact you prior to the seminar to tailor the content to your needs.
  • The seminar is designed for 20-25 participants.


Tariff 1: Students / unemloyment benefits-recipients 90€
Tariff 2: Employees / Volunteers of NGOs 240€
Tariff 3: Governmental institutions / private sector / freelance consultants 490€

The seminar is sponsored by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funds from the BMZ. However, the German Toilet Organization e. V. has to contribute its own share, which will be supplemented by participation fees. Included in this fee are

  • the participation in the seminar
  • all seminar documents for download
  • a final certificate

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Further information on the seminar schedule can be found in the downloadable info sheet.

The registration deadline for the seminar is August 20th, 2023.

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The seminar is sponsored by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL on behalf of BMZ.

Phone 030 419343-44