Seminar: The systems approach in WASH interventions

Inadequate WASH provision in institutions can have health consequences such as increased risk of infection, but can also cause low attendance rates among school children or large gender and social inequalities. Want to learn more about how to promote WASH in schools and institutions?

This 2-day seminar will provide an overview of what aspects need to be considered to create a safe and healthy WASH environment in schools and other institutions. The seminar will be held mainly in German. Partial presentations and/or contributions may be given in English.


  • Importance of WASH in schools and institutions
  • Specifics of WASH in schools to other institutions
  • Overview of technologies, behavioral interventions and organizational structures
  • Methods for determining the sanitary and hygienic baseline situation
  • Maintenance and cleaning concepts
  • Global and national monitoring systems for WASH in schools
  • Common challenges in institutions and possible solutions
  • Project examples


The seminar enables participants to analyze WASH activities in schools and other institutions and to design and implement them in a context-related manner.

Target group

The target group for this seminar is employees of non-governmental organizations and interested parties who implement projects in the field of WASH.

If you are interested in participating in a seminar or have questions about the seminar topics, please feel free to contact us: or by phone at +49 30 419343-44 / -45.

Dates / Events

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