Why Donate?

  1. Support German Toilet Organization’s (GTO) work to improve sanitation at home and abroad.
  2. GTO guarantees transparent, efficient and sustainable use of all funds.
  3. GTO focuses on cooperation – strengthening and empowering affected groups through partnership and education.

Your donation makes GTO projects not only possible, but greater. GTO leverages donations, by getting other donors to match them.
At the same time, all projects are carefully selected for a multiplier-effect in their impact. For example: rather than building toilets for 50 households, we prefer to coach others, who provide services for thousands of individuals. This is how we make the most out of your money – and how we jointly can have the largest impact in fighting the global sanitation crisis.

Thanks for your trust and support.

By Bank Transfer

Attention, new bank account!

Account holder: German Toilet Organization e. V.
IBAN: DE 87 1002 0500 0001 6505 01
Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Reason for payment: Keyword donation and address


The German Toilet Organization is a non-profit organisation, so that donations of up to twenty percent of taxable income can be claimed from the tax office. For up to 200 €, the tax office accepts a copy of the transfer form or bank statement as a donation receipt. For donations above 200 € you need a donation receipt. For this purpose, the GTO issues a receipt and sends it by post to the address stated in the purpose of the transfer. In the case of regular donations, you will get one single receipt for the amounts donated in the course of the year.

If you have questions please write to:

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