My School Loo

My School Loo

My School Loo - Hygiene promotion with the German Toilet Organization

The German Toilet Organization (GTO), as a partner of UN-Water, has developed a toolbox for hygiene education in countries with inadequate hygiene conditions. “My SchoolLoo” tries to revolutionize hygiene education with creative teaching materials, such as comics and card games, which largely do without writing.

The GTO has developed the following materials and used them in the Philippines and Lesotho, among other places:

1. “My School Loo” Comics

The core of the “My school Loo” programme are the sanitary comics. Almost self-explanatory, the short comics convey their message.

2. “Who Is the Enemy?” Introductory poster of the characters

The characters from the comic and their roles are explained in more detail on this poster, which is also well recognizable in A4 size.

3. “My School Loo” Picture Cards

With individual picture cards, the children and young people can create their own sanitary comics and thus approach the topic.

4. “Beat the Germs” Card Game

The funny and entertaining card game “Beat the Germs” is suitable for children from 5 years and everyone who likes to play cards. To really appreciate it, however, a little sanitary knowledge is necessary.

5. Puppet Theater

A whole hand puppet theatre with figures and scenery is available for printing. The children and teenagers can design the figures and scenery themselves and supplement them with their own materials.

6. Invitation Poster for a “My School Loo” competition

For the second component of the programme, i. e. public relations work, an invitation poster to a school competition is available. This can also be supplemented and expanded with own materials.

7. Certificates for winner and participants

Certificates will be provided to honour the winners and participants of the competition. They are also designed for individual use and can be completed with the participant's name, date, school name, class, location and so on.

We are currently revising the MSL kit. If you are interested in using the more advanced materials, please contact us by e-mail at: