JMP Report 2018
WASH in schools
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Info Poster Schools
Klobalisierte Welt
PDF, 567.14 kB
Hygiene – clean thing!
Teaching materials 2020 class 3–6
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Teaching materials 2020 class 7–10
PDF, 353.41 kB
Competition guidelines
Toilets making the Grade
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Proposal Form 2020
Toilets Making the Grade
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Registration Form 2020
Toilets Making the Grade
DOCX, 13.74 kB
Conditions for Participation 2020
Toilets Making the Grade
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Project Information 2020-2021
Toiletised World
PDF, 541.55 kB
Toilet a life-saver
Teaching material 2019 class 3–6
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No Toilet - No Future!?
Teaching material 2019 class 7–10
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Flyer World Toilet Day 2019
Toiletised World *german only*
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Project Description 2019
Toilets Making the Grade
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In times of the global sustainability goals SDGs
Teaching material 2018 class 7–10
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Looking beyond the toilet
Teaching material 2018 class 3–6
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Project Information for primary schools
Toiletised World
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Project Information for secondary schools
Toiletised World
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Promotion Material
Toiletten machen Schule
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Participation Pack
Toiletten machen Schule
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