Drinking water for all!


Lugging water-filled jerry-cans and presenting self-made hand washing facilities, the pupils de-manded “Water for everyone”. Their message was loud and clear: Everyone has a right to access clean and safe drinking water. Poor and marginalised population groups in particular should not be left out. They are the ones suffering most from the global water crisis: people with disabilities, the elderly, indigenous people, but also girls and women, who in many societies are responsible for providing their families with water and travel great distances every day to do so.

Clean water and sanitation are not only human rights for all people, but also the United Nations Sustainability Goal 6, which requires states to ensure safe, inclusive, non-discriminatory and affordable access to water. Only if the global community focuses on particularly neglected population groups and resolves inequalities will it achieve its goals.

Many thanks for the great support of all participants!

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