Teaching materials for primary schools

Please note: the materials are only available in German at this point.

  • HYGIENE – CLEAN THING (including several individual lessons) teaches the importance of adequate sanitation for health and hygiene.
  1. do you know your rights?
  2. be healthy, stay healthy!
  3. ... you also wash!
  • TOILET A LIFE-SAVER illustrates why toilets save lives. Students recognize the fundamental importance of toilets for health and the environment worldwide. Clean toilets cannot be taken for granted and require a responsible care.

  • LOOKING BEYOND THE TOILET encourages students to focus on their own school toilets. The aim is to reflect on one's own living environment and everyday hygiene behaviour.

The project can be well integrated into the framework curriculum (e.g. social and natural sciences, ethics, religion).


Your pedagogical, didactic and methodological experience helps us to continuously improve the teaching materials. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback.

Many thanks to all teachers, cooperation partners and lecturers in Global Learning who have supported us with their pedagogical-didactic expertise during the development.

Do you have any further suggestions or questions? Please feel free to contact us: klowelt@germantoilet.org.