Teaching materials for secondary schools

Please note: the materials are only available in German at this point.

  • WASH is going on? (including several individual lessons) deals with the topics of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and their connections to other areas of life and human rights.
  1. equal rights for all?
  2. active4WASH
  3. think globally – act locally!
  • NO TOILET – NO FUTURE!? provides a method Gallery Walk that encourages you to approach the access to water, sanitation and hygiene in a visual way. The human rights to water and sanitation recognized since 2010 are still not guaranteed for all people worldwide. In the exchange about own perceptions and the presentation of the results, especially presentation techniques and a critical reflection ability are promoted.

  • IN TIMES OF THE GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY GOALS SDGs makes unequal life chances emotionally tangible and focuses on the students’ own surroundings. The exercise Power-Walk raises awareness of global living conditions and differences in access to water, sanitation and hygiene. A worksheet deals with knowledge about the effects of sanitation on important areas of life such as health and education. *Do you know how many people in the world do not have a toilet? Test your knowledge on the sanitation quiz!

The project can be well integrated into the framework curriculum (e.g. social and natural sciences, ethics, religion).

Your pedagogical, didactic and methodological experience helps us to continuously improve the teaching materials. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback.

Many thanks to all teachers, cooperation partners and lecturers in Global Learning who have supported us with their pedagogical-didactic expertise during the development.

Do you have any further suggestions or questions? Please feel free to contact us: klowelt@germantoilet.org.