5/8/2023 | Capacity Development

Launch der SANIHUB-Plattform

In May, the Humanitarian Sanitation Hubs was officially launched to the WASH sector for the first time in Budapest. The beta version of the platform is now being continuously developed.

10/29/2020 | Schools

Hygiene – clean thing!

10 years of human rights on water and sanitation ...

... then everyone has a safe toilet now, right? Unfortunately not, and access to clean drinking water is far from being globally secured. Not only worldwide, but also here in Germany these privileges are not accessible to everyone.

12/12/2019 | Schools

Education programme "Toiletised World" increases impact

With a pilot project in the second half of 2019, the German Toilet Organization e. V. (GTO) has successfully expanded the impact of its development education work for the first time by using multipliers. Teachers at schools and employees of supply and disposal companies are called upon to apply the knowledge they have learned in their work.

11/17/2019 | Schools

Leave No One Behind!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 4.2 billion people worldwide have no access to safe sanitation. Berlin school students publicly demonstrated on the occasion of World Toilet Day 2019.

5/7/2019 | Schools

Winners are Selected

The German school competition “Toiletten machen Schule” is reaching the final round. On the 8th of May, the jury of experts finally chose the three winning schools.